Life has always been remained unexpected especially for women. Many a times, most of us experience moments when you feel that something within is not correct. You feel your Peace of Mind is at stake. You feel dejected, rejected, lonely, feared, anxious, depressed, painful, stressed due to Mental Disorder, Social Circumstances, and certain Health Conditions.

We understand women, their needs and the care they want. Because of experts, we have been able to cure psychological problems.

We also help them with Reiki, Yoga and appropriate dieting.

How You Can Consult Us

You can consult us personally as well as on the phone. After talking to the patient, the counsellor decides which approach will be best suited for particular person and condition.

How We Work.

Your privacy is our concern. Client and counsellor sit in private and engage in a lot of talking and listening. Each session typically lasts between 50 minutes and one hour. Sometimes just a single session is sufficient.