Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in Indore

A hernia can occur due to a weakness in the peritoneum, which results in organs protruding outwards, producing a bulge. The diagnosis of hernia is easy, but sometimes it is so subtle, it might go unnoticed for months. Dr. Vandana Bansal is one of the best hernia surgeon in Indore will diagnose to you identify your hernia on the first visit itself.

What causes a Hernia?

There are various factors that are responsible for a hernia. Dr. Vandana Bansal is a skilled Hernia Surgeon in Indore. Hernia can be hereditary. In adults, it can occur due to stress which puts pressure within the abdomen and tears the abdominal wall. Some other risk factors include:

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When to contact a Hernia Specialist for hernia treatment?

A hernia usually doesn’t cause any pain, but sometimes it causes pain which gets worsen after performing any activity. If a hernia doesn’t lessen, will become crimson or painful, it has obstructed and there is a danger of strangulation. You must visit a hernia specialist at this time. Dr. Vandana Bansal is a skilled Hernia Specialist in Indore who gets you rid of your hernia.